Email Marketing Campaigns made easy

Email Marketing Campaigns made easy

Email Marketing – the basics

Most of your email marketing campaigns will consist of fairly straight-forward processes:

> Setting of campaign objectives
> Campaign execution
> Campaign analysis

The objectives of each email blast should fit within your overall Marketing strategy. When planning your own business email marketing, you might find it helpful to think of the process in terms of the following three steps:

> Define your email marketing strategy. Determine who your audience will be, how you will contact them and what you’ll offer.

> Outline your email marketing campaign objectives. What action do you want your recipients to take? Should they click through to your web site, sign up for a newsletter, or make a purchase?

> Create a measurement plan. Determine which metrics you will use (click-through, conversions, etc.) to gauge the effectiveness of your email campaign, and set clear goals for the numbers you want to hit.

Why is email marketing working for so many companies?

Using email marketing, companies can build a one-to- one relationship with a large group. No other medium, not direct mail, television, telemarketing, nor any other targeted tool, can ensure the same reach and pull as bulk email. A customized direct mail piece, for example, even addressed to a specific recipient, does not tell the marketer if the person opened or even received it.

Your recipients choose you. Opt-in means that the consumer wants to receive your information and they tell you so themselves. They come to you because they want you, so they are qualified.

Building your opt-in email lists

When email lists also contain a comprehensive range of demographics and preferences, email marketing management can be directed at the most responsive and relevant audience. Building an email marketing list from your client records and a form on your website to capture new leads may be easier than you think.

Email Marketing campaigns create an opportunity for long-term relationships. It is more cost effective to keep a customer than to acquire a new one, so take advantage of emails ability to turn prospects into repeat buyers.

When is the best time to send out a mass email marketing campaign?

There have been many studies on this topic and the consensus is:

> Never send your email messages late in the day or first thing in the morning. If you do, your email is included in that large group that is in the recipient’s inbox first thing in the morning, and is more likely to be overlooked.
> Do not send after 2:00pm on Fridays during the summer months. Again, being buried in that Monday morning in-box pile will spell disaster for your email marketing campaign.

Midday is usually best for B2B email marketing campaigns. Generally, people clean out their email first thing in the morning and again before they go to lunch. After their lunch break, studies have shown that people are more likely to check and pay attention to their email.

What is Email Marketing tracking?

CreationGate offers email marketing tracking so you can measure each and every marketing campaign. With historical reporting, you can continually assess the effectiveness of each campaign and make the necessary adjustments to produce increasingly effective campaigns. CreationGate Marketing has a solution suitable for large or small business email marketing.

Email marketing campaign tracking results

How do I access the email marketing campaign tracking results?

CreationGate email marketing removes the complexity and delivers an unbelievable array of useful tools and information through your very own secure web interface. Log in at any time to track the progress of your email marketing campaign. The CreationGate email marketing system takes care of all your database management automatically and gives you real time information and reporting on how effective your campaign actually is.

Leave the logistics headaches to us, and let CreationGate Marketing provide you with its complete range of email marketing services. Whatever your requirements, CreationGate Marketing has the right solution for you.

CreationGate email marketing Sydney, Dural.

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