1300Rubbish website with SEO upgrade

by CreationGate on May 19, 2010

1300Rubbish website with SEO upgrade

While many web designers focus on the look of a site, or getting it out the door as quick as possible and collecting payment, CreationGate is focussed on results. A site is no good to anyone if it gets no traffic, and getting traffic to a site involves quite a bit of work. Unfortunatley on the most part it is work the client never sees (its within the code, in search engines, and links from third party sites) so many web designers just ignore it, get paid and move on. The client never knows any better.

This website is a good example of a properly done site, while much of the work is not visible the site does well in search engines, gets more traffic and delivers better sales results.

Website SEO at work

When CreationGate does work for a business, we are in it for the long haul as SEO is something you build over time. CreationGate empowers website owners with the tools to update their own site and the knowledge to add content that add to the sites ranking potential. We are there to help to guide our clients and do the little things that make the difference.

About the client – 1300rubbish are a family owned, Australian rubbish removal company. They service | Sydney | Melbourne | Gold Coast | Adelaide | Brisbane | Perth | I take any opportunity to give my clients a plug – as their success is the road to my success  : )

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