Power Coaching College website

by CreationGate on March 1, 2011

Power Coaching College website

The new Power Coaching College website focuses on user experience and converting visitors to enquiries. The site features a large range of subjects to ensure all possible search subjects have an appropriate landing page.

The site also features many social networking features including Facebook integration and an RSS feed. The site has an automated place for the client to add interesting articles to the site and new testimonials via their own content management system to keep the site fresh and interesting.

Tell your friends

When a business does a good job they receive word of mouth – this site maximizes the opportunity to spread the work with social, email and other links on every page to get visitors talking to their friends about the site.

About the client – Power Coaching College – established for over 50 years – believes that the future and personal success of a student can best be achieved through home tutoring.
I use their services myself and must say they are a caring and high quality business. I guess you have to be to be in business for over 50 years!

Here are some of their subjects

So if you are looking for K-12 Home tutoring in Sydney they are the people to visit!

As some of their clients have English as a second language the site also translates easily into over a dozen languages using Google translate : )

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