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A business website is a central component to most effective modern marketing initiatives today. As time progresses websites are rapidly becoming the primary way to communicate to customers and more recently - to interact with them. Your website is often the first time a potential customer comes into contact, or researches your company - it needs to give a good impression.

It's not enough these days to just have an "online brochure" website that never changes - your site should be growing (updateable by the business via a Content Management System), up-to-date and able to interact with your customers (comments, suggestions, recommendations) via business blog functionality. This all needs to be presented in a professional and well designed way and be structured to be attractive to search engines.

Effective design

Websites should convey a professional, polished image and drive visitors to the information they need and facilitate communication with your business. CreationGate can deliver website design of the highest quality that is focussed on marketing results.

Online communities and business blogs

A properly designed website does not just look good - it drives and informs customers and helps them form an opinion of your business. Modern websites are not "online brochures" that are updated once a year - they are destinations that are constantly growing and informing. The next generation of websites helps potential customers do their market research for them - with current happy customers adding to your website through comments and giving online word-of-mouth referrals to their online communities.

This technology is available right now - and CreationGate can help you to take your online presence to this next level.

Content Management System

Modern websites let you update and change much of your content yourself, when you like (through a web-based interface that is much like using Word) - without having to deal with an external designer. Much of this websites content is delivered through a Content Management System (CMS), meaning anyone with access can update the content, add pages and more.

This is existing technology - it's great value and easy to use and constantly being updated and upgraded, ask us how you can get a CMS on your site.

Search Engine Optimisation

Building your website with good basic SEO is like building a foundation for your house. Once the foundation is done you can alter and enhance your SEO strategy and go to any level you choose. CreationGate websites all have good basic SEO, and we can also help you obtain your more specific SEO goals once you have determined what they are.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into a modern website, but as it is the foundation of your marketing efforts it is often the most effectively spent of any of your marketing dollars.


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