Logo graphic design for a sub-brand

This logo design for a Sydney businesses sub-brand needed to convey the high quality standard of the product as a key feature. The logo uses a diamond graphic and a script font to capture this message, delivered in an impactful and visually eye-catching way.

A logo conveys your values to your customers

Creating an impactful and well exectuted logo is an important marketing asset that will affect nearly all marketing communications. Making sure you get the job right initially can be one of the best investments a business can make.

Take your logo graphic design to the next level with CreationGate.

Using CreationGate to design or redesign your logo is one way to ensure your new logo is of the highest possible quality. After discussing your needs and your business and how you plan to position your brand a series of logo designs will be done to esablish the direction you wish to go. After the direction is established a second round of versions is done and the design is refined. After this generally only finishing touches and some adjustments are done and the final logo is created.

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