Billboard graphic design for BlueAnt - marketing

Billboard graphic design for BlueAnt – marketing

This series of billboards in New Zealand is designed to target drivers to promote hands-free Bluetooth products. CreationGate adapted an existing magazine format advert use for the billboards and prepared artwork suitable for the massive format of the billboards.

The medium of large format billboards

Billboards are quite a different medium as there is no opportunity for the viewer to spend more than a few seconds looking at the ad. This makes billboards a popular medium for branding and specific product promotions that have a simple message and are supplemented with other advertising like newspaper and magazine and TV ads.

Billboard graphic design for BlueAnt

A united graphic design style

The style of the ad follows the theme that runs across all BlueAnt branding, including their packaging. This generally means any branding done will be recognised when the product is viewed in-store on the shelf. A common theme running across all graphic design elements – advertising, printed material, website helps to re-enforce a brand and puts a united face to all promotions and helps to increase recall.

Get your branding working towards a common goal

If your branding is disjointed and inconsistent perhaps it’s time you worked with the marketing experts – CreationGate Direct Marketing. Not only do we provide graphic design with marketing results in mind – we will make it memorable and working towards your sales goals.

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